EisElite HOCKEY – Power, speed, technique (NEW!!!)

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Many kids are being put out on the ice with a stick and puck and told, “Skate”. We strongly believe that before you can fully enjoy the game of hockey you need to develop one of the most important crafts of that sport – SKATING

Not told or taught “how to skate” under assumption that it will just come by moving your legs is simply – wrong! They may learn to move their legs fast, but they may end up going nowhere fast.


What do we teach:

  • Power – Drag Touch. Fundamental of any push in any direction is using a full range of motion. We use a drag touch to develop it: after pushing off, fully extend your pushing leg and drag the first two or three inches of the inside edge (called “the toe”) on the ice for about two seconds. We develop power slowly and correctly.
  • Speed and quickness. Quickness is most effective when players move their legs correctly, powerfully, through their full range of motion and as rapidly as possible. Several technical components must be also combined and coordinated to execute quick transitions: Strong knee bend, edge control, perfect balance, powerful pushes, proper use of the arms, transfer of body weight, and rapid leg speed. Awareness, anticipation, creativity, and mental and physical toughness are also imperative. These skills CAN be improved upon with good teaching and many years of practice.


  • Technique – Edges(!!!) are the key both for traveling a curved path and for pushing against the ice. Contrary to popular belief, skates are NOT held straight up. When held straight up the skater rides on the “flat” of the blade (rides on inside and outside edges simultaneously). The flat of the blade is designed to travel a straight line on the ice. It is not designed to curve or to grip the ice. Therefore, when on the flat it is impossible to curve or to push.


How do we teach:

  • Learn first to execute a maneuver slowly(!!!) and correctly.
  • Then correctly and powerfully.
  • Then correctly, powerfully, quickly.