Off Ice Training

The EisElite Dance Academy offers a well rounded off ice program to ensure the safe and proper growth of each skater while instilling a love for movement and artistry.  We offer the following classes:

Ballet – Ballet is a great tool to build intricate muscle strength, posture, fluidity on the ice, and body awareness.

Jazz and Modern – This genre contributes to greater body awareness while also allowing our skaters to develop their own individual artistry by eliminating inhibition of movement.

Conditioning – Our conditioning classes focus on full body strength and endurance training to promote safe practices on the ice.  We focus on cardiovascular fitness to improve agility as well as balance training.

Stretching – Our stretch classes, vital for assisting in injury prevention, focuses intently on ensuring the recovery of the skater’s muscles through stretch.  Our tried and trusted method of dynamic stretching optimizes the use of movement to safely help the skater achieve the flexibility required on the ice.

Each of our classes are offered as group classes with the option of private lessons for personalized instruction to thoroughly enhance what each skater takes away from the instruction.  For inquiries about private off ice lessons or to schedule a private lesson please contact Austin at 859-279-7288.